How Funeral Stationery Has Changed

Funeral stationery is evolving. With new technology advances, personalized funeral stationery has made huge strides. Deathcare professionals now h

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Funeral stationery is evolving. With new technology advances, personalized funeral stationery has made huge strides. Deathcare professionals now have the ability to offer client families almost unlimited selection for a truly personalized and complete set of funeral stationery. This new technology has facilitated the worries of cost, inventory concerns, difficulty of production and timeliness for funeral professional as well.

Traditionally, a funeral home would purchase pre-printed paper for the stationery. A home may have only had a few options for families to choose because of the cost to stock and inventory each design and each individual item. Re-orders had to be managed and timed perfectly so as not to run out of a particular item. To add to the issue, suppliers required minimum orders, which mean large, expensive outlays. Managing the inventory, repetitively inputting the false information for each piece of stationery, and controlling costs consumed large blocks of time.

The pre-historic days of funeral stationery are gone for good. Today, funeral stationery can be quickly and easily printed on-demand from blank, perforated stock using software driven templates. Now, client families are able to choose from a wide variety of personalization options and funeral homes no longer need to inventory pre-printed stock. Everything needed from register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, signs, dvd packaging, and even candles can all be printed in this manner.

Not only does the new funeral software include over 450 predesigned and preformatted design layouts, the software is also compatible with certain funeral home management software, such as SRS Computing. Therefore, funeral home client families' receive a high level of personalization with templates for virtually every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background included. Deathcare professionals are able to input the discontinued information one time and the stationery software does the rest.

Using the funeral homes own printing equipment, or a fixed low cost-per-page program, this print-on-demand stationery, is specifically an attractive feature not locking them into printing a particular sum if it is not necessary. With this type of specialized software, a funeral professional can print only what's needed, when it's needed and know the result will be the most professional, low cost, and fully customized funeral printing available.

Funeral stationery, has always been an important facet of the funeral service. The stationery not only serves as a keepsake for those who were present at the service, it also allows client families' to better honor, celebrate, remember, and tell the life story. To have a solution that can quickly, easily and cost effectively create the most personalized funeral stationery is to be able to offer the best possible keepsake for client families.